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6 Reasons Your Online Store Needs Live Chat

Take a moment and imagine yourself in a physical retail store. You walk in and most likely the first thing that happens is a sales person walks up to you and asks if you need any help. The sales person guides you through your purchase and their presence most likely nudges you not just to buy what you walked in for, but to buy a higher dollar amount. This happens every day all over the world and is the reason why retail stores hire sales people!


Online stores, however, lack this personal interaction and this often leads to high cart abandonment and loss of revenue to competitors. This is where Live Chat comes in. A good live chat software creates a personalized customer shopping experience similar to a brick and mortar store. Used in the right way, it can have a huge and immediate impact on your sales and conversion rates.


So, here are the top 6 reasons you need Live Chat for your online business:


  1. Be there for your customers
    Being there matters. If a customer has a question about a product on your online store, they can simply click on the chat widget on your website and ask you. Online customers can be finicky and turned away by the slightest doubt or distraction, so being available to answer those questions immediately gives you the best chance to convert that sale.
  2. Proactively engage your customers
    Visitors to your website are usually anonymous. Live Chat allows you to ‘walk up’ to this anonymous visitor, just like in a physical store, and say “Hi, how can I help you?” By being proactive instead of reactive you can find out if your customer needs help before they ask for it.
  3. Stop depending on phone and email
    Phone and email are becoming increasingly outdated methods to provide customer support. They are slow and cumbersome in a world which relies more and more on real-time, instant communication, like with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Providing support via live chat follows this global trend, allowing customers to ask questions and receive answers quickly and easily.
  4. Help multiple customers at the same time
    Emails and phone calls can be answered only one at a time. Live chat on the other hand is highly efficient. A single customer service representative can handle and close multiple cases simultaneously.
  5. Maximize upselling and cross-selling
    Amazon is the master of upsells and cross sells whether it’s through shopping cart suggestions, suggestions on product pages or email follow ups. Even if you have a well-implemented program in place on your website, Live Chat provides you great opportunities to further boost your results. Through direct communication, you can (1) personalize the upsell or cross sell to that particular customer and (2) show value much more clearly and effectively than you can with the limited space on your website.
  6. Amazing ROI
    When deciding on what sales or customer support channels to use, everything ultimately comes down to return on investment (ROI). We already know the benefits of Live Chat – it can increase sales and boost online conversion rate. But it is also easy to implement (just copy and paste an HTML code on to your website), can be set up without a technical team in less than a day, and is much lower in cost compared to other methods of communication.

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