6 Ways to gain Customers trust in an E-commerce store

e-Commerce is on a roll these days! Almost every commerce store has been opting for an online store to reach out to more customers, all over the globe. So, let’s get to the point now! You have the products. You have created a website that you think is perfect. Your website has a finely tuned process for customer checkout. Everything seems just perfect to you. Isn’t it? Now you believe that you will convert your visitors into customers in a matter of just seconds!


But, no! You are disappointed as you are not able to achieve the conversion rate that you were aiming for and there is a lot of shopping cart abandonment that is going on. What could be the reason?

Why customers may fear e-commerce stores?


It is true that the conversion rates do depend on the cost of shipping and handling and the time of delivery. However, another important factor is customers trust in e-commerce which comes down to comfort and lack of fear.


These days, we often hear a lot of cases of malware, phishing scams and problematic customer service that drives customers away from most of the e-Commerce websites. In such cases, it is important to know that customers would want to have more trust in you and your website before they finally want to make any purchase and convert into one of your customers.


So, how do you build customers trust in e-commerce website? In this post, we will look at some of the best things that you can do to help your customers instill faith in you and soothe their fears. These are some of the best ways in which you can make your customers feel more secure while using your website and thus, they would end up buying more of your products online.


  1. Make the website have a personal feel to it 

    This is one of the first steps that you must try to incorporate on your website if you want to win more customers’ faith and trust. It is noticeable that usually, people don’t trust random websites of pages. In fact, they trust people. They would like to believe what they hear from a person, a representative or a customer like them. Therefore, you must try to add a human factor to your e-commerce website.Try to present new faces and names to your potential customers. If you have an “About us” page, it is a great thing! However, how do you increase its effectiveness? Try to have a letter or message from the company’s CEO or founder or president. These will help your customers in realizing that there are real people involved in the website and they are in safe hands. It would be great if you could have a page with all the team members and their photographs.

    Another great way to win your customers’ trust and belief is by adding a personal twist to the information that you post on your website or in your newsletters etc. For example, you can add a personal touch to certain sections on your website like “The best from” or “Why to buy” so that people can relate to such sections more.

  2. Do not lose the Professional look of your website

    It is important to send out the message to your customers that you are an authentic company with everything that their neighborhood shop has and even more! Your website must look very professional, with proper description of your products and an easy CTA or call to action through which they can convert easily. You must also keep a proper contact number or contact address. This helps in a big way to win your customers’ trust. This helps them in realizing that you actually exist in the real world, and not just virtually.

    You must have a well-developed contact page, much more than just an email form. Try to have a good FAQs page as this also goes a long way in answering the customer queries and plays an important role in the winning of customers’ faith. Besides this, you must concentrate on the customer service that you provide. Remember that without customer service, you are nothing! You must work very well on your customer service and set up a great contact page, FAQ page and live support, if possible.

  3. Try to post customer reviews and feedback on your site

    A customer trusts another customer. This is a simple rule in business that you must follow and understand. Customers will definitely trust what other people have to say about your products and services. Other customers’ words are definitely a 1000 times more convincing to your customers than your own words. This is something that every marketing superstar encourages the eCommerce businesses to follow. Try to feature customer testimonials and reviews on your site. You can also try out the powerful video messages that are prevalent these days. You can create video testimonials. Customers will relate more to the authenticity of these videos.

    You can also make the most of your News section by posting positive press news and releases about your products or services or business. This is a great way of winning your customers’ trust. If you have been featured in any magazines or newspapers or any other form of media, then do not hesitate to post them on your website. It would be the best if you display links of these pages on your home pages itself. This would grasp your customers’ attention right from the first visit to your site.

  4. Make your customers believe that your website is secure

    You have to understand that people today are much smarter and technologically advanced as compared to a few years back. They know and are well-versed with the basics of website and internet security. They look for the difference between HTTP and https and understand the importance of the latter. That makes them believe that the website is absolutely secure and safe and they won’t have to worry about any of their transactions or personal information.

    So, how does this work?

    Websites usually secure their servers by the use of SSL or secure sockets layer. This is a standard security protocol which takes care of encrypting data between a web server and a browser. Make sure that you own an SSL certification. This will help you go a long way in winning your customers’ trust and they can understand that their check out and other processes are safe on your website. While they are checking out, you must ensure that your website displays a safe transaction at the payment gateway. Without this, it is difficult to gain customers’ trust in the authenticity of your website.

  5. Try to reduce Customers’ Risks

    To make your customers feel better and secure, first, think how a customer would feel. Try to look at your website from a customer’s point of view. That will definitely help you in understanding the needs of your e-commerce website better. Think about the possible risks that your customers would face when they are using your e-commerce store. Think about what they can do if they don’t like your product and would want a refund. You can solve such issues by having a clear policy about shipping and returns and refunds.

    This will help them know that their money is safe with you and they could possibly get their money back if they are not satisfied with your services or products. However, what you must ensure is that you are clear on the guidelines of the procedure in your policies. This will make sure that the customer is not confused about the norms of your company and would feel safer transacting with you. You must also ensure that your shipment details are clearly mentioned and automatically calculated when the customer finally decides to place an order.

  6. Try to reduce the complexity of your e-commerce store

    This is an important step as it helps your customers in understanding your website better. You must keep a very user-friendly experience and design for your e-commerce website. Make the website filled with good and real images of your products and services if possible. The content plays an important role in winning the hearts of your customers. You must not complicate your website with unnecessary information and rather stick to what would be actually helpful for the customers in making a better buying decision.




Whenever customers visit any traditional store or an online store, they are expected to just do the same things! These include looking around, sizing up the place and deciding whether or not they would want to buy anything from the place and whether they could trust the merchant with the right quality and pricing. If you are interested in enticing your customers to buy from you, you must first win their trust! The above steps will definitely help you in winning the same. Try these out and give your customers an experience that they will be thankful for!


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