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Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon is right around the corner, and we can’t help but look back at our journey over the last year.


One year ago, our product was BizChatBox. We were self-funded with two founders and a small team of developers. We had scratched together enough to release a customer support CRM solution in May, 2015 and by September we had 3000 companies worldwide who were using our free product. This was a critical time in our journey. While we had some proof there was a market for our product, we needed funding to build the product we really wanted.

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With the overwhelming number of CRM solutions available in the market, it is quite easy to get side tracked and make mistakes when purchasing the right one for your company. Even with so much information available out there, people tend to make mistakes that could cost their business more than it would benefit them. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a CRM solution for your business. Continue reading

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