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6 Ways to gain Customers trust in an E-commerce store

e-Commerce is on a roll these days! Almost every commerce store has been opting for an online store to reach out to more customers, all over the globe. So, let’s get to the point now! You have the products. You have created a website that you think is perfect. Your website has a finely tuned process for customer checkout. Everything seems just perfect to you. Isn’t it? Now you believe that you will convert your visitors into customers in a matter of just seconds!


But, no! You are disappointed as you are not able to achieve the conversion rate that you were aiming for and there is a lot of shopping cart abandonment that is going on. What could be the reason?

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zupportdesk award form finance-online

Platform for B2B Software Reviews Recognizes ZupportDesk with 2 Help Desk Software Distinctions

The tech experts from the FinancesOnline directory recently acknowledged that ZupportDesk is an exceptional support platform for engaging customers in real-time. “With ZupportDesk, users are able to deliver quality support services to their clients, visitors, and potential customers,” FinancesOnline stated after our platform was included in their help desk software reviews. After assessing all aspects of ZupportDesk, such as ease of use, main functionalities, customization, not only did we receive a positive score but we were also honored with their prestigious awards: Great User Experience and Rising Star. Continue reading

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How to Install Facebook Messenger to your Business website

Facebook recently announced the release of the beta version of its Facebook  Messenger Plugin. This is seen as a great move for businesses seeking better ways to connect with their customer. It also allows businesses to integrate the now well-known Facebook chat feature on their website without needing to have their own custom chat feature. This news came on November 7, 2017. Ever since there has been a lot of positive news and reactions to this move. The plugin has already been implemented for some big brands out there. We will also look at ‘How to install Facebook Messenger plugin’.  Continue reading

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Customer care is not the same as it was just 10 years ago. It is no longer just answering a phone call or smiling behind a desk. Major brands today look to provide a “customer experience” around their products and services. Customer experience has to do with knowing and catering to what your customer sees, hears, tastes and feels around your brand, creating an atmosphere of “I want to be here and I want to help”.


How do the major brands handle customer experience?

Amazon. Apple. L.L Bean and Zappos. Continue reading

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