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With the overwhelming number of CRM solutions available in the market, it is quite easy to get side tracked and make mistakes when purchasing the right one for your company. Even with so much information available out there, people tend to make mistakes that could cost their business more than it would benefit them. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a CRM solution for your business.


Do you really need a CRM software?

While CRM can definitely benefit your business it may not be for everyone. First off, understand that CRM can be used for different aspects of your business, the two most popular being for Sales and Customer Support. Some important aspects to consider:


Do I need contact management system?

This is where all your client info will be recorded as well as all information pertaining to each client will be linked to various departments for each individual. For example, John Smith’s contact information, his general information, the products he purchased, his invoice copies as well as transcripts of email or chat history will be accessible to you within seconds.


Do I need to provide a better Customer Support?

CRM systems can improve the quality of your customer service in a short span of time. Offering tools such as the live chat provides real time support for your customer among other features to boost sales and or even improve your brand image.


Do I need an automated system to boost sales?

CRM offers a variety of automated tools meant to boost sales and marketing campaigns such as: automated lead generation, email marketing, order tracking, sales and performance tracking and even competitor tracking. If you’re ready to take advantage of these tools, CRM can really help you to step up your game.


How much is it going to Cost me?

With a staggering amount of solutions available in the market you can easily find a CRM to fit your budget be it on a monthly payment or an annual payment. Most companies offer there system with a free trial period, this could be very useful since you are able to try a few top choices and identify what system would be the best fit for you.


Define your budget

Once you know how much you are allocating to obtain your CRM it will narrow down your choices. You could find CRM systems ranging from $8 per month/user to even $100.

Now that you know what your budget is you need to address an important aspect of the purchase.


What Features do I need?

CRM systems come packed with features, the key is figuring out the features that you could actually use and benefit from. At this stage you have quite a few questions that need to be answered before the final step of purchase.


Is it user-friendly?

Many systems have very complicated processes that could be hard to understand and if not given excessive training which could take up time and extra money.


Is it Cloud based?

Cloud based systems are the future. Everything is stored and connected online and is easily and quickly accessible to the user.


Can I customize it to fit my needs?

Businesses have different needs and your CRM software should be customizable to your businesses unique needs. For example, some options include packages based on included features while others allow you to select only the features that your business requires. Customization can also include plugins, extensions, add-ons and themes that can focus on the unique details of the business.


Does it have 3rd party integrations?

A solution that has a variety of 3rd party integrations is convenient to the company. For instance, integration to Mail Chimp can link your data and improve your marketing campaign in terms of quality and efficiency.


Does it have social media integration?

This is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of CRM. Millions of customers speak through social media and if you’re not there to hear them you might just be losing out. For example, when a customer posts a comment on Facebook or Twitter, the CRM software will automatically rise a ticket and assign it to an agent to follow up on it.


How Mobile is it?

This is especially important if you’re looking for a system for your sales or customer support teams. Not being tied to a work station can allow your employees to boost their performance and efficiency


How secure is it?

Your CRM software can become a central part of your core operations and it should come with tight security features to prevent data loss and cyber attacks. Multiple data centers, data backups, encrypted transmissions and user security are some of the features that you should expect from your CRM software.

Once you answer these questions, you are ready to make a decision about purchasing the right CRM software for your business. An additional piece of advice is to get input from the real users of the CRM. If the software is for your sales or customer support team, get them involved in the decision making process since they may have the best knowledge of what is actually needed to improve performance


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