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How a Support Ticket System will keep your business organized and efficient


As the customer base of your business grows, so too will the number of incoming customer queries. Whether its via email or Facebook comments, customers in today’s online world aren’t shy to initiate dialogue with businesses. Many growing businesses are faced with the seemingly impossible task of sorting out through thousands of emails and social media interactions, while trying at the same time to maintain a high level of customer support.

So what can a growing business do to keep up with their rapidly growing customer base? The simple solution is a Support Ticket System. A  ticket system is a management tool that can categorize, assign and track all your customer queries in one simple location.


So how does it work?


Everything in One Place

Each and every query that comes in can be found in the system, sorted, tagged, assigned to an operator and ready to be worked on. Every step an operator takes to solve the issue will be saved and accessible to other team members and management.


Tracking made Easier

With a ticket system in place, management will always be able to see the progress of a issue. No more running after different employees or sifting through countless email threads – just open the ticket and all the information is available at a glance, from the operator who raised the ticket, to the operator handling the query to the progress of the ticket. ┬áManagement can make immediate judgements on how fast and effectively their customer support team, both collectively and individually, are handling issues.


Prioritization of work

When countless queries go through the system, they are prioritized according to the urgency of a situation. This ensures that the most pressing queries are handled first.



Management can identify which teams/departments are being flooded with requests and react appropriately. Management can also monitor the quality of the support provided by individual operators.


Builds Team Spirit

Multiple people may work on a particular issue at the same time. All information regarding it will all be saved in one place making finding a solution easier. Tickets can be re-assigned to different team members or transferred to other departments, making sure your entire business is communicating with each other and working together as a team.


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