Using ZupportDesk’s Live Chat Tool

Operators and Widgets


Ok, now that you’ve secured your user license, it’s time toset up your live chat. Let’s see how it’s done.



1. Log into ZupportDesk


2.Click on the “Settings” tab.




3. Click on the “Manage Operator” icon




4.Depending on whether you want to invite or create, click on the buttons shown on the top left corner


5. You can either choose to Create or Invite operators.



To invite an operator, agent requires a company email id


To create an operator, agent does not require a company email id





6. Click “Invite operator”. You can invite operators in to joining the system




7. Click “Create operator”. You will be required to add a username and password for the operator.



You have now successfully created or invited your operators.





Let’s set up the chat widget so customers can start chatting right away!


1.Go back or Re click the settings tab.


2. Click on customize widget





3. Click on “Add widget” button





4. You can change the chat name and color to fit your requirements




5. You can also customize the position of the widget on your screen when it is in a collapsed state as well as the text you want to appear at the head of the chat


6. When choosing the position of the tab you can choose from a drop down list.





For example, you can choose to place it on the bottom left or the top right.



4  5


7. You may also choose the type of tab you require again from a drop down list.





8. Next you choose the action you want for your widget when the page loads from this drop down list




9. If you click the “Start chat” tab on the right you can now, choose the information you will need before the chat is started. This is what the customer will fill out in order to start the chat




10. Click “No operator” on the right to customize what the customer sees when there are no available operators to chat. You can choose from hiding the widget to showing the customer an email form where they can email you their query.


1-1  1-2


11. Clicking on the in “Chat tab” on the right to configure how your widget looks when there is an ongoing chat





12.You may also customize the way the customer sees your widget when the chat is closed and customize any error messages as well.


1-4  1-5



13.Click on the “Banned IP” address, you may also customize the way all customers who come through a banned IP address see the widget.





Don’t forget you can always edit your widget any time by clicking the edit widget button.



Installing Your Widget


Lets see how you can now install it on your webpage/ website


1.Click on the HTML link in the “Quick installation” section and copy the code snippet




2. Include this in the body section of the webpage/website



Congratulations you have created operators and customized your chat widgets. You are now ready to start delivering exceptional customer service!

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