3 Ways Live Chat Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Boost Your Sales

Did you know that over half of online customers aren’t completing their purchases? Actually, that figure is closer to 70%, according to Baymard Institute.


And while many visitors to your site may just be browsing without the intention to purchase, those who actually put items into their cart and start the checkout process are motivated prospects.


That’s what makes these the hardest customers to stomach losing. 


So let’s give you an idea of exactly what cart abandonment equates to in lost revenue.


How does cart abandonment affect my online store’s sales?

eCommerce merchants were estimated to have lost $4.6 trillion worth in merchandise in 2016, up from $4.2 trillion in 2013. Of this, an estimated 60% (or $2.75 trillion) is recoverable.


In order to find out how to get those customers back, we’ll need to look at why customers leave their carts in the first place.


Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

Here are some common reasons your customers don’t end up completing their purchases:


  • They still have questions about the product.
  • They have concerns about the order and/or your brand.
  • They’re looking for the best price available.
  • They weren’t expecting such high shipping costs.
  • The item will take too long to be delivered to them.
  • They don’t want to register an account.


How can live chat help to bolster sales?

Your first step to not losing customers during checkout is to optimize your checkout flow. Make sure your online purchase process is as easy as possible.


For example, give customers the option of checking out as a guest rather than having to register on your site. This way, you don’t lose prospects who want a hassle-free shopping experience.


Now, assuming you’ve optimized the process, consider the below three ways that live chat can drastically boost conversions.


#1. Live chat helps you reinforce the benefits of your product.

81% of shoppers do detailed research before making a purchase online. If you don’t have enough information in your product descriptions, shoppers will go elsewhere.


With live chat, a customer service specialist can answer any lingering questions or objections that a prospect has – and they can do this in real-time.


You can also send out chat invitations to target and convert undecided shoppers.


For example, analytics can help you figure out how long it takes the average visitor to finish a purchase. You can then set up a time-based invitation to give those shoppers who’ve exceeded this limit help with any questions they may have.


You can even reach out to those visitors with a cart value over a certain amount. This helps you get the most out of your marketing dollars by focusing resources wisely on the most lucrative prospects.


#2. Live chat helps you build trust and credibility.

Shoppers inevitably have questions during checkout. And if the information they need to finish their purchase isn’t available on your FAQ page, you should provide them a way to reach out directly to you.


Giving customers the option to ask questions to a real person – in real-time – shows the customer that you are immediately accessible and available to them.


#3. Live chat helps you address concerns about your brand.

Customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from a brand that listens to  what they want.


Maybe a particular customer needs an additional discount to match your price with that of your competitor, or they have questions about shipping.


A live chat agent can find out what the objection is and address it on the spot, without delay. They can provide an additional discount, free shipping, or justify the additional cost for your brand’s products because of the excellent quality and customer support you provide.


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